A-Z Resources

TitleContent Area and GradeDescription
12 Museums with Online Virtual ToursThis article links to museums around the world offering virtual tours and online exhibits (best accessed digitally).
A+ ClickMathA collection of math and logic problems to develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills.
ABCMouseReading, math, science, artOnline and printable resources focus on early learning (ages 2-8). Sign-in is required, but materials are free for the first 30 days.
ACTCollege and Workforce Readiness; Math, ELA, Science, Social StudiesACT is offering digital learning and workforce resources to assist students, teachers, schools and workers impacted by COVID-19. The free ACT resources outlined below are part of ACT’s commitment to serving community needs during this challenging time. The resources are adaptable for use in the home, through online learning and in workforce settings.
AmplifyELA, reading, K-8Supplemental ELA Resource: Amplify Reading K-5
Free, digital, adaptive resource to help all students continue their literacy development in any remote learning environment for the remainder of this school year. Register here: https://amplify.com/remotelearning/reading/
Amplify 6-8 Core Curriculum: Amplify ELA
Free, downloadable versions of all print resources for current ELA users. Access to these resources is at www.amplify.com/remotelearning
Beginning next week, material will be released to all Tennessee teachers, including non-Amplify users, to help them navigate remote learning with their middle school students. This will include novel studies and units customized for independent learning. Various activities and scaffolding will be provided throughout to support comprehension.
Art for Kids HubFine Arts, All GradesStudent, parent, and family activities for art making. New art lessons are uploaded M-F every week.
Art of EducationThis suite of digital, teacher-facing resources includes a repository of online activities and more.
Art of Education UniversityFine Arts, Kindergarten-High SchoolArticles, videos, instructional ideas, and professional development opportunities for arts educators.
Ayer's InstitutePhonemic Awareness; Foundational Skills; Reading for Comprehension; Writing
Beat by Beat PressFine Arts, Kindergarten-High SchoolBeat by Beat Press offers a number of resources for elementary, middle, and high school theatre programs. The organization has assembled a guide with a growing number of free tools and resources for distance learning in theatre/drama.
BenchFly Remote Learning Support PlatformThe BenchFly model can be immediately reconfigured to offer remote instruction capabilities to TN teachers and remote learning capabilities for TN students. The BenchFly team is available to provide a briefing or demo to interested stakeholders immediately upon request and stands ready to do so.
Benchmark EducationELA, Science, Social StudiesProvides the state of Tennessee access to a robust library of interactive eBooks with audio on the Benchmark Universe platform for students in grades K through 6. With this eBook library, students can listen to books and read books of their choice as they explore a variety of genres and text types.
Ben's GuideSocial Studies, All GradesThis website primarily consists of self-guided readings for students focused on government structures and foundational U. S. History.
Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert HallFine Arts, All GradesThe Berlin Philharmonic is offering their web- and app-based digital concert hall featuring videos of concerts. Redeem the voucher code BERLINPHIL to receive free access to all concerts and films in the Digital Concert Hall.
BookwormsELA, K-5This curriculum was reviewed for Tennessee’s 2019 adoption but was not selected. Since that time, the publisher has revamped options, and districts may find some valuable resources for planning home-based learning experiences for literacy.
Broadway EducatorsFine Arts, Kindergarten-High SchoolThis site offers free materials to schools, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about a specific Broadway show, the professional theatre or the theatre as a communicative art form.
CanvasLearning Management SystemResources for districts/schools to support online/remote learning practices.
Carnegie LearningMath; 6-12Providing a number of grade 6-12 math resources to support at-home learning including: LONG+LIVE+MATH At Home; MATHia Software; Virtual Professional Learning Support
Center On Representative GovernmentSocial Studies, First Grade-High SchoolThe Center on Representative Government is a non-partisan educational institution that develops and provides materials on civics and government at no-cost to students and educators. Includes student and teacher specific components. Students may engage with democracy by: exploring our interactives, challenging yourself with our games and apps; reflecting upon our thought-provoking videos; and making your voice heard by contacting your representatives at one of our web links. Designed by Indiana University, which may be limiting to state specific content in some areas.
Civics 101 PodcastSocial Studies, Middle and High SchoolLearn at home lessons include videos, activities, quizzes, inquiry questions, graphic organizers,. Current lessons are being added to the queue each day. Lessons include podcasts and videos as text to deliver content. Activities support learning and quizzes check for understanding.
Civics Renewal NetworkSocial Studies, Kindergarten-High SchoolThis is a hub that easily allows teachers to search for lesson plans and materials relevant to a a particular grade level (teachers can filter by grades K–12) or civics-focused topic. Resource type (e.g,. video, reading, presentations) varies by lesson. (Depending on the resource selected, users may be required to create a free account.)
CKLA- Skills - spelling pattern /oo/ELA, First-Eighth GradeCKLA is an open-source curriculum.
College Board AP Review Classes9-12, Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Fine ArtsStudents can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. Courses are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work the student's regular AP teacher assigns. The videos are available on-demand and will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the courses. There will also be some supplementary lessons including topics from the final 25% of the course. Videos are available for the following AP art courses: AP Music Theory, AP Art History, AP Drawing, AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design.
CollegeBoard.Org-- Advanced Placement9-12, Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, World LanguagesTo support students in continuing their AP journey, CollegeBoard offering optional free, online AP classes and take-at-home AP Exams. For more information about this year's exam administration, including details about exam dates, times, and tasks, view a recorded presentation given by Trevor Packer, head of the AP Program.
CosmoLearningPre-calculusPrecalculus video tutorials by topics.
COVID-19 Instrument Cleaning GuidelinesFine ArtsThe NFHS, NAfME and the NAMM Foundation recommend the following guidelines for handling musical instruments during the COVID-19 school shutdown period.
Creative Learning SystemsSTEMFree access to SmartLab Learning Curriculum. Personalized, Individualize Project-Based Learning. Access to 600+ pieces of STEM-Focused Curriculum. With 600+ pieces of student-facing curriculum written by professional educators, students direct their own learning to solve problems or questions of their own choosing. With SmartLab Learning, students follow a five-step process: Explore, Plan, Do, Reflect, and Share. This framework teaches students to become problem solvers, creative thinkers, and collaborators. This deeply personalized form of learning allows every student—regardless of skill, ability, or interest—to be self-challenged.
C-SPAN ClassroomSocial Studies, Middle and High SchoolC-SPAN Classroom is a free membership service for social studies teachers. Their mission is to enhance the teaching of social studies through C-SPAN's primary source programming and websites. Bell ringer activities and classroom deliberations are included in the available content.
Curriculum AssociatesReading, mathPrintable activity packs address reading and math in grades K-8; the site also offers accompanying teacher guides, also printable, for math.
Davis ArtFine Arts, Kindergarten-High SchoolThrough June 30, teachers have open access to a library of 25,000 fine art images as well as full use of student books and teacher editions. Most resources are best viewed online.
Discovery EducationScience, math, social studiesAn online collection of resources that is free to affected schools and districts through the end of the school year.
DreamboxMathFree 90-day trial temporarily available for families that provides online and iPad-based adaptive mathematics games. Games reinforce conceptual development of math standards. This program is online as opposed to print focused.
ecoXPT - immersive ecosystem simulationScience, Middle and High SchoolecoXPT is an simulated environment where students learn how ecosystems function. In addition to being able to interact within the ecosystem, ecoXPT includes guided "thinking moves" activities within the simulated ecosystem where students can focus on science practices such as deep seeing, pattern seeking, analyzing causality, constructing explanations. YouTube video lessons included. 6-8 life science, HS biology
EdmentumMath, science, ELAPrintable games and worksheets with practice activities that can be used with a packet-based or e-learning approach and aligned to past classroom instruction.
Education.comVariousFree, printable worksheets organized by grade level and subject. Pages are easily downloaded once a free account has been made.
EL EducationELA, K-5Open source materials for knowledge-building and foundational literacy skills. Both teacher and student materials include digital and print options. Materials are available for any district to use but require a free account to access.
Eureka Math, K-PrecalculusFlexible digital curriculum that can also be printed and used as “at-home learning” for daily lessons. This free resource is available through the extended school closure.
EverfiFinancial literacy, social and emotional learning, health and wellnessThis digital resource provides standalone, digital lessons on various topics.
First BookLiteracy; K-3First Book is a Non-Profit Organization that has been providing equal access to quality education for kids in need since 1992 delivers donated books to kids in low-income homes and communities. The organization has distributed more than 185 million books and resources in 30 countries and currently reach an average of 5 million children every year, and serve one out of every three classrooms and programs in need.
FishtankELA, math, science, social studies, K-12These ELA, math, science, and social studies resources provide educators with a fully-functioning online curriculum. Materials are available for any district to use but require a free account to access. Trade books must be purchased separately.
Florida Joint Center for CitizenshipSocial Studies, Kindergarten-High SchoolThe website has civics-based lessons and short activities for grades K–12 tailored for each grade band. They are broken up by Florida standards but include a content description, so it is easy to find relevant resources.
Free MathMathAllows teachers to build online classrooms, assign activities, and grade assignments through a digital platform.
Georgia Department of Education Fine Arts ResourcesFine Arts, Kindergarten-High SchoolThe GA-DOE instructional resources for fine arts teachers include instructional frameworks in all arts content areas. The downloadable word documents contain links to pacing guides, unit plans, lesson plans, assessments, and other instructional resources. Teachers electing to use these resources should first align the materials for use with the Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts.
GRC Lesson Ideas - Don't Be Fooled by the Bright Lights (Relative brightness)Science, Grades 3-83-8 earth and physical science investigations where learners use the gather, reason, communicate framework to obtain information about scientific processes and phenomena.
Great Minds: Eureka MathMathThis open-source site offers math curriculum for grades K through 8, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. The curriculum is broken into module folders. Each module folder is broken contains a teacher edition, student edition with practice, sprint and fluency practice, exit tickets, parent tip sheets (in both English and Spanish), and some module folders contain math games. All this material is in PDF form, so it is easily printable. Some modules also have available videos to help instruct students and help parents with their students' instruction.
Guidebooks ELA, 3-12Open source materials focused on knowledge-building. Trade books must be purchased separately.
HippoCampusAllThis free resource provides thousands of standards-aligned videos to reinforce students’ learning of past instructional concepts.
Homework HotlineVarious; K-12Homework Hotline is a nonprofit that provides free one-on-one academic support over the phone and online with highly-qualified certified and retired teachers to any K-12 TN student. Since August 2019, Homework Hotline has already provided 11,003 tutoring sessions to over 5,000 individual students or guardians from 78 districts throughout TN. I’m writing to see if we could schedule a conversation to talk about how you can help Hotline continue to assist TN students and families while they remain home.

We realize that, especially while schools are closed, many of our TN students have little academic support at home as many of their families lack formal educations, speak English as a second language, work multiple jobs, or have limited access to resources like the internet or transportation to receive educational resources from their schools. Others are in homes where parents are working remotely and are unable to manage homeschooling their child while completing their work responsibilities. As students are unable to attend school and have limited access to their teachers, we believe Hotline is in a unique place to keep these students progressing academically as Hotline’s staff and teachers are continuing to work diligently from home.

Due to technology systems already in place, Hotline is able to ensure that all students, even those with diverse learning needs, can still receive support. For instance, Hotline has online whiteboards that support visual learners, online chat which allows students with hearing impairments and those in rural areas without cell service to contact Hotline, and multilingual services which ensure callers speaking Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Hindi, Mandarin, or Swahili receive support in their native language. By offering free tutoring over the phone and online, students and guardians have access to highly qualified teachers for one-on-one tutoring so they do not lose the gains they have worked so hard for this school year. With Hotline, families do not have to hire private tutors, leave the safety of their homes, or worry about costs and risks of transportation to tutoring centers.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt2-8 ELA; MathSupplemental ELA and Math program – Waggle – available for free through July 1. Waggle allows students to engage in adaptive foundational skills practice outside of the classroom—any place with internet access can become a space of learning.
How can families support student science learning at home?An easy-to-read list of things to consider - home-based learning is unique and should not try to recreate school - as well as recommended actions families can take - focus on science in everyday life.
iCEV Remote Learning    CCTEMultiple CCTE curricula in a digital platform. Curricula includes fully functioning digital platforms for teachers to design online learning courses from tradition CTE courses.
iCivicsSocial Studies, 6th Grade-High SchoolThis website has many self-guided games designed to facilitate students' understanding of U.S. government structures and levels as well as how citizens operate within them. (Requires users to create a free account.)
Illustrative MathematicsMath, K-12This digitally-based resource provides teachers with student tasks and other content (note that IM has also developed a comprehensive curriculum, which is available through Open Up Resources). The full curriculum resource may not be fully aligned to TN standards and is therefore purposefully not listed in that section.
I-Ready At-HomeReading and math, K-8This library of K-8 printable at-home activity packs is designed to reinforce key concepts and provide students with valuable self-directed exercises and practice during extended absences from school. The at-home activity packs are of high quality and aligned to academic standards.
IXLMath, ELA, science, social studiesActivities and quizzes; site offers 30-day free trials for educators.
K-5 LearningELA, mathThis site offers an array of printable worksheets for grades K-5.
Kennedy Center Classroom ResourcesFine Arts, All GradesFor educators looking to infuse the arts into their educational practices, The Kennedy Center has developed a robust collection of hundreds of free digital learning resources: lessons, articles, performance guides, how-tos and much more.
Khan AcademyMath, science, engineering, art, world historyThis website provides extensive, video-based tutorials to reinforce concept-based learning (though student tasks and instructional delivery are limited).
KidCitizenSocial Studies, K-5Videos that exemplify citizenship and essential elements of socials studies (e.g., "What are Primary Sources") for elementary students. Videos have interactive elements to keep students engaged.
LearnZillionMathA collection of math instructional videos by grade, domain and standard.
Leveraging Science in the News (NSTA blog)Science, Kindergarte-High SchoolThis post addresses how to use current events in 3D lessond design. The article was specifically written to be relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic and emphasizes the importance of an awareness of understanding the motivation of student questions and understanding both student ideas and feelings about potentailly sensitive issues.
Lexia -- A Rosetta Stone CompanyLiteracy; PreK-12Lexia understands how disruptive an extended school closure can be and we are committed to helping you ensure the continuity of student learning. Both Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® can be used from home as part of a remote learning implementation during extended school closures or other special circumstances.

Please contact Julie Williams (Jwilliams@lexialearning.com) to learn more about:
-Utilizing Core5 or PowerUp in a remote learning environment
-Working online and/offline using Lexia’s instructional resources
-Supporting students and parents during the remote learning period
Make Way for BooksLiteracy; Birth to 5The Make Way for Books App to ensure families with young children (ages birth to 5) have access to free, effective, and bilingual early literacy engagement that they can access anytime, anywhere. 
Match FishtankMathMath lessons
Math AnticsMathMath videos.
McGraw HillAllDuring extended school closures due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), supporting for teachers,
students, and parents to access, use, and order solutions from home are noted on the company's website for the following: Remote Learning for Schools, At-Home Learning for All, Digital Components by Program, and Online Ordering Guide & FAQs.
McGraw-HillAllVarious digital resources and guidance across grade levels and content areas to support teachers to implement remote teaching and learning strategies.
Media Literacy NowFine Arts, All GradesMedia Literacy Now offers resources and tools for teachers, parents, and students.
Metropolitan Museum of Art "MetKids"Fine Arts, K-5The Met provides interactive maps, videos, and more digital content designed especially for kids ages 7-12.
Music IQ -- Interactive Drumming ProgramsMusical IQ is now offering our weekly music residency classes online. We have both one-time and weekly offerings. Throughout this program, we will be exploring music from around the world, incorporating geography, history, culture and life skills. Using our Musical Map Of The World, the participants will be taken on a journey, beginning in Africa and continuing through the Caribbean, Central and South America, and finally to New Orleans and our own homes in the USA. Each week, the facilitator will be introducing an indigenous instrument from the country visited, and the participants will get to learn one of the culture’s unique rhythms.
National Dance Education OrganizationFine Arts, All GradesThe National Dance Education Organization offers a variety of resources for dance educators. There are a number of specific resources and guidance for teaching dance online.
National Geographic Learning/Cengage LearningCTE, AP, and advanced electivesOffer to provide schools/districts with free access to all digital tools and courseware to support remote learning.
NCAS Model Cornerstone AssessmentsExample/model cornerstone assessments in all arts disciplines for a variety of grades and courses. While these example assessments are not explicitly linked to Tennessee Standards, the Tennessee Fine Arts Standards were developed using the National Core Art Standards as a foundational framework. Navigate to: Model Cornerstone Assessments > Choose Discipline.
New Path LearningELA, math, science, social studies, ESL, SpanishWith this resource, make sure to elect Tennessee state standards in the link. Some worksheets and study guides are available for free, though others are accessible only with a paid membership.
NSTA Daily Do ActivitiesDaily Dos are science activities where students can engage in a sensemaking task for teachers and families. Activities are developed specifically for elementary, middle, or high school. A new Daily Do activity is released each weekday. NSTA is offering free 30-day memberships to access these actvities. (https://learningcenter.nsta.org/freemonth/)
Onshape -- A PTC BusinessCTE, STEM, To support effective STEM learning now in this period of disruption, PTC would like to make their Onshape professional 3D Computer Aided Design (3D CAD) software technology freely available to schools and teachers throughout Tennessee. This design and collaboration technology uniquely fits this crisis moment because it uses a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and runs on any Mac, PC, Chromebook, phone or tablet that the students and teachers may have accessible in their homes. Students and teachers can readily collaborate online. There is no software to install or infrastructure to set up.   Free technical support and guidance is available to schools and instructors as necessary. A "Getting Started resource guide" for educators and/or parents is also available to help them facilitate their children’s continued STEM engagement at home. 
Open MiddleMathProblems that challenge students.
OpenSciEdScience, 6-8Only select units are available at this time. Additional units are under development. Units can be downloaded as printable PDFs and are also available in print from the company’s print vendor.
PBS Learning MediaMathPBS learning media for Tennessee
PBS - Professional Learning for the State of Tennessee StandardsAll Grades and SubjectsTennessee Department of Education partnered with PBS affiliate stations across the state to develop content that is strictly aligned to the Common Core State Standards. 
PBS - The Arts Fine Arts, All GradesThis resource from PBS contains videos that encourage and explore the participation, analysis, appreciation, and history of dance from a variety of time periods and cultures. Students can create diagrams to compare different styles of dance, from clogging to stomping to ballet.
PearsonVariousAccess to expert faculty, best practices, and other online resources for people who are studying, teaching, or working remotely. K-12 resources for teachers, students, and families.
Peep and the Big Wide WorldPre-k, ELAThe PEEP science curriculum invites preschoolers to actively investigate their world by exploring water, sound, plants, color, shadows, and ramps (movement) in units lasting 3 weeks.
PHETScience, mathThis website provides engaging science activities using simulations. Thea activities are designed for students and families to engage in collaboratively.
Proximity LearningELA, math, science, social studies; 6-12Proximity Learning, part of the ESS family of companies, specializes in virtual education. Through this program, Tennessee teachers and students can gain access to a variety of pre-established online courses, with the ability for teachers to lead classes remotely and tailor instruction to fit their students' particular needs. Supports for school districts and parents.
Quaver MusicFine Arts, Pre-K-8th GradeThis site is offering free access to general music activities, most best accessed digitally, for all schools and students impacted by Covid-19.
QuizletVariousStudy aid with online flashcards, quizzes, and more.
Read to be Ready-Word Study Rhyming WordsWord Study Rhyming Words
Reading RocketsOnset Rime
ReadingBear.orgEarly Literacy Skills/PhonicsA project of WatchKnowLearn.org, Reading Bear is a free program online to teach beginning readers vocabulary and concepts while systematically introducing all the main phonetic patterns of written English, all using innovative rich media.
Ready! for KindergartenReading; PreK/KThe READY! for Kindergarten® school readiness program empowers parents and caregivers to succeed in their role as children’s first and most influential teachers. READY! provides parents and caregivers with tools and activities to optimize children’s natural curiosity and nurture learning and development.
Save the Music FoundationFine Arts, All GradesThe VH1 Save the Music Foundation has curated an extensive collection of high quality educational resources with music teachers and schools, including remote teaching & learning support, online resources, virtual concerts and tours, and other resources.
Scholastic Art and WritingFine Arts, All GradesThe Scholastic Art and Writing Educator Guides help educators facilitate discussions about art and writing and provide critical thinking activities.
Scholastic Learn at HomeAll Twenty-day, open source materials for knowledge-building and foundational literacy skills. Both teacher and student materials include digital and print options. Materials are available through April 20th. Username: Learning20 Password: Clifford
BookFlix (PreK-3): https://digital.scholastic.com/site/launch/bkflix?ucn=642726498 (links lead to login—see below for credentials)
TrueFlix (Grades 3+): https://digital.scholastic.com/site/launch/tfx?ucn=642726498
ScienceFlix (Grades 5+): https://digital.scholastic.com/site/launch/sfx?ucn=642726498
Watch & Learn Library (PreK-3): https://digital.scholastic.com/site/launch/watchandlearn?ucn=642726498
Science NetlinksLiteracy opportunities in both Math and Science
SEADAE Arts Instructional ResourcesState Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) repository of instructional resources for the arts education field. The links within this page continue to be updated.
Selecting Anchoring Phenomenon for Equitable 3D Teaching And AssessmentScienceThis is the anchor page for an OER training that covers the selection of phenomenon that promote equitable science instruction. All slides are available to be downloaded and modified, and speaker notes are present. The selection of strong anchoring phenomenon is essential to using the storyline instructional model. These resources are especially useful for teachers asked to lead PD for their schools/districts.
ShmoopAllShmoop is offering free statewide support to all districts in Tennessee for Middle and High School teachers and students. Shmoop offers online learning solutions in the form of creatively curated content:
· Test prep for SAT, ACT, AP exams, State EOCs, GED, ASVAB, and more
· SEL & PBIS courses and curriculum
· Library of 10,000 videos, +1,000 teaching & learning guides
· +1,200 lesson modules and assessments
To get started, contact Chiko Chingaya at chiko@shmoop.com, mobile: (469) 774-9211, or visit https://www.shmoop.com/get-a-quote to have someone contact you. Shmoop can implement your school district within 3 days.
Sight-Reading FactoryFine Arts, 5th-High SchoolExercises, designed to be viewed on electronic devices, support sight reading practice for musicians.
SmartMusicFine Arts, 5th-High SchoolThis site offers free access through June 30 to a suite of web-based music education tools, including access to music method books, literature/sheet music, practice/application, and assessment. Teachers may need to set up student accounts.
Smithsonian Institute Learning Institute VideoThe Smithsonian Institute's Learning Lab has a variety of videos that can be used to enhance learning.
SREB is dedicated to helping educators and policy leaders as they work through the challenges unfolding from the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time of uncertainty, we are convening leaders to help them share ideas, information and resources to continue to deliver teaching and learning, from elementary through graduate school.
ST MathMath; K-8MIND Research Institute is offering no-cost access to ST Math for families, schools, and districts. The offer is available for grades K through 8. Offering support webinars to district/school leaders for district/school implementation as well as to parents for at-home use.
ST MathMathFluency worksheets for kindergarten.
Studies WeeklyK-6, Social Studies, Science, CivicsThe Studies Weekly online platform includes Student Editions with audio reader capability, digital highlighting and annotating tools. The online Teacher Edition comes with lesson plans, ELA integrations, assessments, and videos to engage all learners. Online materials can be accessed on any device which supports a modern browser - including mobile devices.
Supports for Students - Stemteachingtools.orgThis one-pager is intended for students and addresses the importance of their well-being and emotional state, as well as the unique opportunities that come with learning at home - the opportunity to explore what matters to them.
TCS -- goITSTEM; 6-12As Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) signature community engagement program in North America for the last 10 years, goIT helps students design human-centered solutions that harness technologies for innovation. This digital innovation program blends design thinking and industry expertise to provide students with the 21st century skills necessary to create technology for social good. TCS has developed an editable project template that integrates the core elements of the goIT program and that can be shared directly with students as an at-home virtual inquiry-based learning project. Students, teachers, and parents can request to receive feedback from TCS industry experts as they move through the content. For teachers holding virtual classrooms, TCS industry experts are available to video conference into the classroom. Please contact Christine Mackin (christine.mackin@tcs.com) and John DiChiara (john.dichiara@tcs.com) for more information and to join the weekly training webinar that is being offered.
TCS -- Ignite My Future in SchoolsAll; computational thinking across all core subjectsFree, online platform filled with real-world and relevant teacher lesson plans and other resources to integrate computational thinking across all core subjects. Created in partnership with Discovery Education, this robust set of resources are aligned to Common Core, CSTA, NGSS, etc. standards for Grades 6-8. Teachers across every K-12 subject area can easily ladder up or down content with relevant tasks for students. Teacher lesson plans are searchable and can be filtered by subject area and/or computational thinking skill. We will offer virtual training for teachers each Thursday in April from 7-8pm EST.
Teach Anywhere (Stanford)The Teach Anywhere website is appropriate for districts and teachers equipped with technology that permits engagement with students. There is guidance around best practices that includes tips for both synchronous and asynchronous delivery of instruction and discussion facilitation. This website is intended for a post-secondary audience, but K-12 systems will still find valuable information.
Teacher Created Materials (TCM) At-Home LearningAllFREE teacher-approved resources for at-home learning! These materials are designed to help students solidify the concepts they learn in school, and equip them for learning at home.
Teacher Guide: Investigations Beyond the ClassroomScience, All GradesThis document is the anchor document for the GRC investigations compiled in the TDOE online resource toolkit and includes strategies for engaging with learners, recognizing that there is a range of factors influencing interactions with students. The document is framed around two conclusions from the 2019 report Science and Engineering for Grades 6-12: Investigation and Design at the Center. 1) Investigation is a more effective way of teaching, and 2) Students are inherently curious.
Teaching ChannelAll Grades and SubjectsCollection of teaching videos including lesson demos and instructional ideas across grade and content areas.
Teaching CivicsSocial Studies, All GradesThis website has curated lists of resources—ranging from complete lessons to activities such as games, podcasts, and videos—filtered by grade band. Users can also filter by topic and teaching strategy. (Depending on the resource selected, users may be required to create an account.)
Teaching Effectively During Times of DisruptionScience, All GradesThis document contains many "how to" guides for delivering lessons in synchronous and asynchronous formats. It includes specific guidance for using CANVAS and well as pedagogical recommendations.
TeachKindReading, writing, science; K-12TeachKind—PETA's humane education division—is staffed by former teachers who are here to help as teachers make the transition to distance learning for their students. Free lessons, classroom presentations, materials, advice, online resources, and more focused on promoting compassion for animals. Includes K-12 virtual learning resources for parents.
Tennessee Secretary of StateSocial Studies, All GradesThis website has grade-banded, civics-focused lesson plans and resources created by Tennessee teachers for Tennessee teachers.
Texas Thespians Teaching ResourcesFine Arts, All GradesThis resource site contains multiple resources compiled by the Texas EdTA Chapter, including links to only resources, podcasts, Google sites, and videos focused on theatre.
The Art Career ProjectFine Arts, Grades 6-High SchoolThis resource encourages career exploration in the arts and provides students the ability to explore and research relevant careers, education/certification programs, and jobs.
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame -- Fack Hall EDUVarious Subjects; K-12+Create a FREE account and access professionally developed lesson plans, activities, presentations, videos, playlists and digitized primary source materials from the Rock Hall’s Library & Archives. Rock Hall resources meet national learning standards in a variety of subject areas, including music, social studies, English and more. New content is posted regularly and the database is searchable by subject, grade (Kindergarten through College), decade (1950s through today), or media type. Please see the press release below for more information and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
TN DigitalAllAn online repository of all of the State of Tennessee’s open access learning materials. TN Digital is working with all approved TN publishers to supply teachers, students, parents, and administrators with easy access to learning materials, which includes everything from lesson plans to worksheets, and from educational videos to assessments. TN Digital is owned and operated by Tennessee Book Company through their digital arm, Thrivist. Full access is available through via the link posted in the resource column and can search for lessons, publishers, and videos. More information about this resource can be found at: https://www.tndigital.org/faq.
Travel and Leisure MagazineFine Arts, All GradesThis article links to museums around te world offering virtual tours and online exhibits.
WatchKnowLearnMathThis is a curated collection of educational videos.
WatchKnowLearn.orgAllApproximately 50,000 free K-12 indexed educational videos, placing them into a directory of over 5,000 categories. The videos are available without any registration or fees to teachers in the classroom, as well as parents and students at home 24/7. Users can dive into our innovative directory or search for videos by subject and age level. Video titles, descriptions, age level information, and ratings are all edited for usefulness. Our Web site invites broad participation in a new kind of wiki system, guided by teachers. WatchKnowLearn.org does not itself host videos—we serve as a library for links to excellent educational videos that have been selected by educators.
WonderopolisThis site contains many videos covering many subjects. The content is framed as explanations to "Wonders."
YouTube Bookworms ChannelR Controlled Vowels
ZearnMath, K-5This fully digital curriculum with internal progress monitoring for teachers is available at no cost during current school closures. Access requires a district, school, or individual account. Printable homework aligned to each module is available with teacher accounts. Zearn is also offering distance learning training for districts and teachers. See more here.